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Teepee Party Hire Mandurah - Kids Sleepover Parties - Kids Slumber Parties - Mandurah to Perth

Welcome to Teepee and Friends

Teepee and Friends are Perth’s most exciting and memorable teepee party hire for kids slumber parties, sleepover, picnic hire and events.

We offer Teepees to adults and children for Teepee Sleepover Parties, Teepee Slumber Parties, and Picnic Party Hire for all occasions and any event, we will make your home, garden or special location into a dreamy space.

Best of all we set up and style…. then pack it all up for you! Handmade beautifully crafted teepees using Tasmanian Oak and Meranti Timber with high-quality fabric. Our teepees not only look totally amazing they also create a fabulous ambiance.

Our picnic tables are made from gorgeous Cedar Timber giving it a very stylish lux look – not just a plank in the park! Our gorgeous large teepee tent adds that little something special to your picnic event.

We offer a selection of themes for you to choose from or talk to us about creating your very own! We offer our Teepee Party Hire & Picnic Party Hire throughout Perth including Mandurah and beyond.

Our Sleepover Themes

About Teepee and Friends

Happy times are made when picnic and sleepover memories are created in our beautifully handcrafted teepees for adults and children. All our teepee frames and covers are made here in Australia, using gorgeous Tasmanian Oak and Meranti timbers and high-quality fabric in our teepee covers. Our picnic tables are made from Cedar Timber.

We want to offer a 5-star experience supplying only the best in luxurious bedding and blankets with foam mattresses for added comfort for sleepover parties. We use high-quality brands throughout our sleepover and picnic equipment.

Debbi has a background in Floristry and Visual Merchandising giving her a creative eye in making her teepees visually beautiful and enjoyable for all.  Nothing is too much trouble so please feel free to ask us.

Teepee and Friends are looking forward to making your special slumber party an unforgettable one…. Teepee Kids Slumber Parties and Picnic Party Hire. 

Teepee Party Hire Mandurah - Kids Sleepover Parties - Kids Slumber Parties - Mandurah to Perth

Our Teepee Packages

Teepee Party Hire Mandurah - Kids Sleepover Parties - Kids Slumber Parties - Mandurah to Perth


Picnics you will never forget! Just for the two of you or a gathering of friends and family we have teepees for all ages.  Slumber parties aren’t the only thing we do!

Whether you are looking for an afternoon picnic lunch, romantic evening, picnic hire or a dreamy brunch, Teepee and Friends is here to style any occasion. Your occasion is only limited by your imagination. Catering for children right through to adults, we can create a space that has a dreamy and whimsical feeling, adding a beautiful atmosphere that friends will be excited to gather around. Teepee Perth | Mandurah WA – Teepee Hire, Kids Slumber Parties and Picnic Party Hire Perth.

Teepee Chalkboard Hire

Chalkboards lovingly hand illustrated by Tarni Hudson for your special event.  Our chalkboards are available for hire or purchase.   Ideal to advertise your sleepover, kids slumber party or event. Select from our ready made boards or we can personalise to make it that extra bit special.  Click the button to view our prices.

Teepee Hire Mandurah and Perth - Blackboards
Teepee Slumber Party Mandurah and Perth - Blackboards
Teepee Sleepover Party Mandurah and Perth - Blackboards

Let’s Make Magic Happen!

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Styling the celebration of your slumber dreams...
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