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Dreamy Children’s Sleepovers!

We specialise in children’s sleepovers. Our beautifully designed teepees are sure to please your little ones. Our teepees will set the scene for a perfect night of fun, excitement and magical moments. Cosying up in our plush luxurious blankets whilst snuggling into the high-quality cushions.

We style the teepees using beautiful high-quality teepee covers, fairy lights, bunting, breakfast tables, cushions, blankets and decorative items fitting into the desired theme you have chosen.

If you’re planning a dreamy slumber party or a more adventurous party we have themes to make for the perfect sleepover event with packages to suit everyone, for children aged from 6 years old.

Themes – Take a look below at our stunning Sleepovers


White & Coastal Blue Tones With Starfish & Sand

Sleepovers - Splash of Pink
Splash of Pink

Splash of Pink

Gold Arrows On White With A Slash Of Pink

Sleepovers - Splash of Pink
Splash of Pink

Feathers In Blue

White Feathers On Soft Grey With A Beautiful Vivid Duck Egg Blue

Sleepovers - Feathers in Blue
Teepee and Friends -Feathers in Blue

Blissful Sparkle

Sparkling Star With Pure White

Teepee and Friends - Blissful Sparkle
Teepee and Friends - Blissful Sparkle

Sunshine & Lollipops

Sunshine Yellow With Bright Coloured Stripes

Teepee and Friends - Sunshine
Teepee and Friends - Sunshine & Lollipops

The Hunters

Camo With Army Green

Teepee and Friends - The Hunters
The Hunters

Hey Girlfriend

Funky Girls with Poppin Pink

Sleepovers - Hey Girlfriend
Teepee and Friends - Hey Girlfriend

Poppin Hearts

Colourful Hearts With Bright Coral To Complement

Sleepovers - Poppin Hearts
Poppin Hearts

Black n White Diva

Black and White With A Splash Of Black

Sleepovers - Black and White Diva
Teepee and Friends - Black and White Diva


Frozen With A Beautiful Blue To Match


Tinkerbell With A Subtle Pink To Tie It All Together

Frozen Sleepover Theme


Tinkerbell With A Subtle Pink To Tie It All Together

Tinkerbell Sleepover Theme


Cars With Black To Make It Pop


Spiderman With Bright Red To Blend

Cars Sleepover Theme


Spiderman With Bright Red To Blend

Teepee and Friends - Spiderman Sleepover Theme

Indian Wigwam

Bright Feathers Indian Headpieces On Grey Black To Complement

Teepee and Friends - Boho Sleepover Theme

Delivery Charges  Apply

Delivery Charges Apply – Minimum charge of $35.00. Please contact Debbi to find out your delivery charge fee. Note : – All Teepees and accessories are hire items only. All photos are a guide only. Some items may differ from the images. Items may vary according to party requirements.

Let’s Make Magic Happen!

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